Friday, 14 November 2008

Hello ^__^
I’m Marsida.
I don’t really need to mention my name but I like it so... anyway, I best get started writing something as I’m already far into my course and I’ve been trying to avoid this blog. I don’t feel that comfortable with the whole writing up every week but I want to do it and complete my work.

The first Project I need to write about on here is:
“A history of computer games”
I was stuck on how to start this but I find it easier to write what I’m thinking, as it helps me to explain things, and hopefully you will understand. I was looking through the links that we’ve all been given to help us, but when I saw pages full of text my mind went blank. However I did read through most of them and the information on them varies but they all have a similar basis. Most of them mention that ‘Tic-tac-toe’ was one of the first games to be developed on a computer / device called the ‘Cathode-Ray Tube’ in the early 1950’s. There are a lot of people that helped to make this possible but I won’t list them all, however the creator of the game was A.S. Douglas. After reading about this, I’ve realised how well known this game is. I remember playing it with my brother at a very young age, whilst I was in my home country.

Anyway moving on, ‘Tennis for two’ is the next game that’s mentioned, its creator was William Higinbotham. Later on in the 1960’s many more games developed, such as ‘Space War’ which on some of the sites is named as “The First Computer Game”. I won’t mention every game but this is roughly how I understood what I read about the beginning of games.

Information and images are from the following websites:

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