Saturday, 28 March 2009

A history of computer games Part two: 1980s - 1990s

The middle ages where the revolution of gaming. A massive increase in technology allowing smaller chips to be made meant more powerful graphics engines could be run. Programmers and game artists had more at their disposal than ever before to show off their skills, pushing the boundaries of the technology available to them.

The 1980’s gave birth to many amazing games which are still played to this day. Games that where played on the old consoles like Atari and master system are being reborn onto mobiles! These games; asteroids, sonic the hedgehog and others like them are still counted among some of the best concepts written to this day. The 80’s was the birth of many small freelance enterprises such as bug byte software, not to mention the larger corporate enterprises such as Nintendo which are still running to this day and producing the next generation of consoles for young gamers.

The creation of True basic in 83 gave rise to a new series of games allowing gamers to come off the line mapped games of the past. In 1987 chipsets where starting to be found on motherboards allowing more memory and processing power to be available. This coupled with the introduction of the GIF (general image format) meant that computer art could step out of the 1d and into the 2d.

During the 80’s there was a major crash in the games market .A lack of originality and copyrights led to many versions of a single game flooding the market with refuse. Around this time (c. 1987) Apogee was founded; well know to this day for its games, and as having released the first shareware game.

And THUS! We now give birth to the 90’s gamers.

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