Saturday, 28 March 2009

From Pong to Next-Gen?

Game play what game play? It’s all about the cinematics baby!

Or so many games developers believe, games such as Lost Odyssey have almost as much cut scene time as game play, but who wants to sit and watch the game be played for you now-a,-days?

So down to basics. What is game-play? If game designers knew it would probably lead to a cult game being created. There is no definitive meaning of game-play, BUT there is a quick and dirty meaning. This would be how engaging the game is coupled with how the game flows. Lets be honest now, if the game story is patchy, the cameras are dodgy and the control system makes no sense then how long are you going to play for?

Who are the leading lights in game design? Both the top and bottom places go to Nintendo –insert applause- Nintendo has managed to capture the largest range of people to plays its games ever seen. At the same time they have alienated the target audience of games from their console. For online play Blizzard still maintain one of the longest running and most successful online games, namely World of Warcraft. Electronic Arts hold the top spot at the moment with the mass platform game spore. This game not only allows players to completely customise their characters but to keep doing it, to the point where they meet other players creatures.

Most games to me are a way of wasting time.

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