Saturday, 28 March 2009

Week 19: the finite balance

Limited creativity versus limited technical skill. The finite balance is a war waged between the highly skilled graduates and the highly imaginative creationists. Game orientated educators have the problem of creating courses which can teach technical skill without extinguishing the students own style and creativity. Focusing on one topic namely their artworks technical aspects can get the students hung up on the little things and kill their styles. The major problems that arise are because of this. The finite balance must be reached to encourage growth and development as an artist but still leave them enjoying creating their artwork. The other problem faced is that too long on a particular piece that they are asked to do can make them become unmotivated. A better approach may be to guide them towards creating their own projects based around what is being taught at the time.

The solution! The students need to be encouraged to play games from all areas not just electronic and encouraged to redesign aspects from it according to their own style. They need to have many motivational workshops! Workshops which will inspire them to further develop their talents, these should also include going out and trying many things how else can they get a better grasp on say running through a forest or rock climbing if they have never done it? Open projects which include a list of requirements but of which the subject is open for them to decide. Once the skills have been developed then set projects can be introduced. As everyone knows that it’s easier to learn things whilst doing something you enjoy.
Enough ranting for now I think.

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