Saturday, 28 March 2009

Week 15: introduction to the industry.

The industry at the moment is in a state of decline. Many companies via for the top spot, but as a result the market is flooded with poor quality games. One of the major reasons for this is because the companies are willing to put the money in but not the time required to pull off a decent game. A particularly bad example of a console this has happened to is the wii. The wii suffers from a lack of originality where virtually all the games on it are cheap knock offs of past games or of other wii games.

Jobs in the games industry seem to run on the time scale. A project for a new game may start with as many as 3-4 people and as the need requires more are hired. This is something which was openly admitted in lionhead’s podcast based around the creation of fable 2.

Some of the major problems facing the industry is producing a decent game or series of games which will keep the gamer coming back for more, doing it within budget, quickly, and to get it noticed.

With the influx of cheaply produced sub-standard games on the market at the moment the future looks bleak for the games industry. Certainly for Nintendo. The Wii may be popular now but it is merely another fad, but in this risky endeavour Nintendo alienated the majority of its followers. Though that may not be much of a worry as more and more people are losing interest with the poorly produced flak of today.

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