Saturday, 28 March 2009

A history of computer games Part three: 2000s - the future

The 21st century is a near standstill game-wise. With many similar looking and handling games coming out there is very little in the way of progress. That is until the release of the next gen consoles.

With the release of motion sensitive and wireless controllers gamers have a much more involving game, which means that the graphics have to keep up. Release of blue ray and HD screens leave game artists with a dilemma. How do they improve the graphics? The problem occurs with the beyond realism effect. This was over done in many of the earlier games. The cause is artists trying to improve the games by making the colours more vivid, in many cases to the point of near blinding the gamer.

By the time these consoles where out there were many health warnings and restrictions in place. This was due to several recorded incidents of people dying from excessive game play. This restricted the development of many games and put a hold on all game production till consoles and games could be safety tested and protocols put in place for the safety of the clientele.

With the development of entertainment pods, and research into total immersion software such as VR suits gaming is flying to new heights. The easy access to quad core processors leaves many gamers thirsting for faster paced and graphic heavy games. This leaves the market open for anyone who can offer a better delivery system of the games, and for development of more powerful game engines

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