Saturday, 28 March 2009

Why write when you can play?

After reading this article it can be summed up with 3 words. Lie, Cheat, Shout. This is the basics of what he is saying, Make your game, and kick up as much of a fuss about it as you can. Go as far as you can to make it known, in the case of introversion it worked. People will be on your side as everyone loves an under dog! Just sell the idea that your game is good no matter what its about and then worry about making it good. Most importantly know your audience! No point trying to make a game if it’s not going to appeal to your target audience.

As a standalone review this is a pretty poor example. Despite the person writing it showing signs of being a boy racer, they show a lack of knowledge to the current standards of gaming. Despite the obvious flaws in this review it does bring up some points. He mentions his friends liking it, which means it has the beginnings of a fan base and also mentions some technical sounding things. This shows that there are people who aren’t hard core gamers are buying games though! Which shows that even games which are as poor quality as Project Gotham racing 3 can still get a good review.

With articles such as this one, how can you not want a good review? Things like this sell games, even simply to satisfy a gamer’s curiosity.
The links here are truly un-miss-able they give a good idea as to the scope of reviews towards games and how wide the market actually is.

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