Saturday, 28 March 2009

Week 16: Game cultures

Game culture is a rather weird statement. Usually people will classify people as gamers and leave it as that. BUT if an R.P. gamer where to walk into an fps party, they would be stood in a corner twitching. Ok so that was a little exaggerated. My point being that being a “gamer” is only a loose classification, there are many “cliques” of gamers from strategy to fps to rp, not to mention the new arguments as to whether or not the wii “games” count as games and if you can call them a genre or even call the people gamers. Many hardcore gamers believe this to be watering down the stock, and view the wii to be nothing more than a party game console. I have friends on msn who I have met purely through MMO’s and only talk to them online. I think I shall be reviewing this particular sub link. In my opinion the people who wrote this are acclimatised fools. The soulcalibur games where decent enough, but that’s only because they threw money at it until they could get a decent game. The controls as ever are awkward and unmanageable and take a long time to get accustomed to. The character creation is laudably bad, all it is, is dressing the basic move lists of the stock characters up in pretty costumes. The addition of the star wars special characters was a poor play to raise sales, I agree that after the initial fun of hitting guys with a lightsaber it gets old fast. They should stick to their own ideas and not rip off big titles for more sales, as it will inevitably lead to less.

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