Saturday, 28 March 2009

Writing about Games.

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It’s a sad fact that in today’ market almost all games are sold through reviews. Look at the multitude of magazines and sites dedicated purely to game reviews e.g.

This is not as bad as it seems! Impress the long time gamer analyst panel and all the testers and you have got yourself a good review. Or better yet bribe them. But either way, get a bad review and your game won’t sell.

So here’s the problem how do you impress a bunch of dolts who are set in their ways and know what they like. Whilst still making a new and imaginative game?

The answer is you don’t! You rip off an older well know title, and then dress it up as much as you can. This is the basis of modern games design. I mean come on look at final fantasy!

But even still there is hope!! Despite the idea of bad reviews your game can still sell. This is through the power of marketing. Get enough flashy lights and skimpy outfits and your game will sell despite poor reviews. The wonders of target audiences.

Well enough of a rant for now and on to better and brighter things! Like sleep!

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