Saturday, 28 March 2009

Week 10: The elements of game design: Story AND character.

Back and back again!
This site gives a good brief overview of what happens during a character design session, and Stressing the importance of the lead developer and the communication between the artists. It gives a good run down of the jobs of each member of the team.
This gives good perspective into the use of characters points of view to effect how the character views the game. The in depth talks about how the over the top fight scenes are subtly underplayed by the story line. The emphasis on the game is put more onto the use of different view points but it only gives it from the 2 “main” characters. This is a bit of a downside as it doesn’t give much insight into the other points of view available on the game.
Upon the use of multiple view points it shows that they are more useful than mere cut-scenes in the involvement of the player.

In house on haunted hill (a movie I watched recently) there weren’t any characters that I particularly connected with. I think this is not due to the acting but more to the script. The lines where lifeless and seemed forced. The plot left a lot to be desired in that for a horror movie there was little suspense. I chose this and not one that I enjoyed because I thought it emphasized the point that no matter how good the acting, the storyline and direction need to be spot on else the viewer will lose interest.

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